Boots on the ground

Waging this battle to the best of our ability

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Anti-Poaching Unit

Daily our anti-poaching personnel put their lives on the line, often hopelessly outnumbered and out-gunned, in a continual effort to fight back. Fortunately with government support our reserve has recently been able to acquire much more sophisticated weaponry but the need to upgrade equipment (bullet-proof vests, night-vision equipment etc.) and manpower to match that of the poachers, is a constant ongoing battle.

The forgotten warriors

Rhino are no longer a viable game-ranching animal as the costs of protecting them far outweigh any return from the animals. Yet many private rhino owners, the forgotten warriors in this fight who are not recipients of donor funding or media exposure, choose to cover the massive human and financial costs of protecting their animals (and our heritage) themselves. 

The greatest threat to our wildlife is the belief that someone else will save it!

We have managed to lease a helicopter to help with daily patrols. It comes at a huge fuel cost, a cost we are currently bearing, but we appeal to like minded people to help us raise the money to fly more hours. All donations received are exclusively used for our rhino anti-poaching program.